Gift Card

What is a Gift Card?

Is a prepaid stored-value money card to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases. You can buy it here.

How much does it cost ?

You can choose the value: € 50, € 100 or € 150

Can I use my Gift Card anywhere?

You can use you Gift Card on our website:, by placing the code at our checkout.

Is it possible to use the Gift Card for different purchases? 

Yes, you can use your Gift Card in different purchases. If you do not get to use the full amount in an order, the remaining credit is pending for future purchases. You can check the available balance in the first email sent.

What if the purchase exceeds the value of the Gift Card? 

In that case, the client must pay the difference. Get to know our payments methods  here 

Purchase Instructions 

1. Add the Gift Card to your shopping cart. Complete the purchase with your data.

2. Once you have paid, you will receive an confirmation email to the address you indicated during checkout. (You can forward this email to the person you want to gift or simply put their email from the beginning of the purchase). 

3. This email notifies that the user has a Gift Card in their favor. To get the code, you just have to click on the button "See my Gift Card" and the page will redirect you to a special code. 

4. Forward that link to someone special! Congratulations! Your gift was sent.

Instructions for use 

1. Once you have chosen your products, go to the cart to begin the purchase process. 

2. Apply the discount code on the right menu at the checkout. The discount is done automatically.