About Us

Mumka is a designer brand founded in 2016. We are based in beautiful Barcelona, at the heart of art, color, design, and fashion.

We rely on three basic and simple values: Creativity, Quality and Fairness.
In the era of fast-moving consumer goods, it is particularly intriguing that in the fashion field, we don't take risks, ending up wearing pieces that look so similar and plain. At Mumka we are different. All our products are unique and special pieces of art. We have such a variety that it will be almost impossible for you not to find something you fancy.
We manufacture everything delicately, trusting in master hands and using high quality and environmentally friendly materials.
The most important principle we have is "Fair Trading", meaning that no child labor or abusive labor is involved. Mumka cares about people who love the brand and tries to lead others in that direction.