Mumka is a brand of original shoe and bag designs created in 2016 based in the beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​right in the heart of art, color, design and fashion.

Why is Mumka born?
Mumka was born out of the need to get out of the ordinary, to reinvent herself, to find her own path and take risks. Dare to be different, to let yourself be, to listen to you and get everything you want to tell the world out of you.
Fashion is, subtly, the way we have of telling the world who we are and what we think. For this reason, at Mumka we let ourselves be carried away to create what we really feel. What do we want to tell the world, what do we see of it, what does life transmit to us; All this is reflected in our designs that have art, colors, nature and animals as a common denominator.
Mumka creates her products with special care and delicacy, like a small child taking care of his favorite toy. There is so much history behind each Mumka product that we need to see it reflected. That is why all our materials are of high quality, not harmful to the environment and vegan-friendly.
At Mumka we care about people and we take special care of all our workers who participate in the manufacturing process of our products, as well as you, who enjoy them. That is why our main policy is Fair Trade, which means that we do not use child labor or any trace of abusive or degrading working conditions.

What are Mumka's core values?
We base ourselves on three very simple and basic values: originality, quality and fairness.
1. Originality
All our designs come from a process of freeing our mind. That is why all our designs are colourful, inspirational, human, varied, unique and special.
2. Quality
All our products are 100% handmade and Vegan - friendly; using high quality materials so that the result is a product that can accompany you throughout your life.
3. Equity
We have the need to provide each individual with what they deserve, therefore, both our products and the people who work at Mumka, as well as our clients and followers, are taken care of in detail and in a special way.

Mumka reflects the values ​​of all the people who work in it and of all those who have followed us for a long time. Mumka is like that friend who inspires you to dare with everything, who reminds you that you are unique, that you are different from the rest and you have to prove it to the world . Mumka is love and respect, it is affection and dedication. Mumka is a change for the better.